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Press Release: LCPA Urges UK MPs to Develop Relations with Qatar


London Centre For Public Affairs (LCPA) has urged members of the UK parliament to work towards developing relations with Qatar, adding that the UK government must play a leading role in ending any restrictions imposed on the country.

In a letter sent to British MPs, LCPA raised concerns about an upcoming event titled “The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference,” which claims to “seek a resolution to the regional crisis and a more stable future for Qatar.”

“We will be cautiously observing the conference,” said a spokesperson for the LCPA. “We believe that it will not contribute in bringing about reconciliation between the Gulf states and as an organisation interested in UK/Europe public affairs, our centre vows to challenge such activities by reaching out to UK parliamentarians and decision makers.”

“Indeed, this event could have negative implication on both countries’ bilateral relations. Qatar’sinvestment in the UK has reached a record high of more than £35 billion, with £5.3 billion – a remarkable 98% increase – in the last three years. This is golden relationship that must be protected,” the spokesperson continued.

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Call on UK MPs to boycott UAE’s Controversial Conference in London


This Letter has been submitted to members of House of Commons and Members of House of Lords.
The letter warns MPS, Lords and Baronesses not to be misled by anti-Qatar Conference funded by UAE.

Read the letter below for full details.

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London, UK
Ref: QU010/09

Subject: Call on UK MPs to boycott UAE’s Controversial Conference in London

Dear …………..MP

I hope this finds you in the best of good health.

I’m extending this letter on behalf of our organisation, London Centre For Public Affairs.

We would like to pay your attention that the UAE government has been waging a negative media and political pressure campaign against the state of Qatar accusing it of promoting and supporting terrorism. UAE as well as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain spared no chance or efforts to defame and damage the image of the Qatari state.

The efforts of these countries come amid a tight siege they imposed on the state of Qatar in unprecedented mediaeval and collective punishment manner.

The most recent episode in their efforts is holding an anti-Qatar conference in London where they “doctored” a Qatari opposition that never existed before.

We would like to remind you that the UK-Qatar relationship is strategic with Qatari investments estimated of more than £35 billion and trade worth over £6 billion per year. Thus, it’s important to preserve the relationship with Qatar and refuse any attempt to link it with terrorism or violence as circulated by the above-mentioned countries.

UAE and its PR companies are due to hold controversial conference London. The Conference planned to take place on 14th September 2017 seems to be yet another UAE endeavor to damage the flourishing Qatar-UK relations and the wider Qatar-EU unshakable bonds.

The conference titled, “The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference” is part of KSA-UAE-Bahrain campaign which aims at isolating Qatar on international level. No guest speakers nor paperwork announced so far despite being 7 days to actual event. Whilst, organisers claimed that hundreds will take part in the event.

London Centre For Public Affairs (LCPA) call on UK MPs, politicians not to fall victims for this controversial and propaganda event.

Sincerely Yours,
J Baker
Head of Communication & Liaison

London Centre For Public Affairs (LCPA)
Tel: 0044203468 5842
Brussels Office: