Crisis Management


We help you understand the specific and unique threats and risks to your organisation and accordingly offer you a plan of action and guide you in the execution process. We have two types as follows:

The Crisis Communication Plan The Crisis Management Plan
  • The Crisis Communication Team
  • Positioning
  • Designated Spokesperson
  • Media Policies and Procedures
  • Practicing Tough Questions
  • Prepared Statements
  • Sample News Release
  • Collateral Materials
  • Key Audiences
  • Contact Log
  • Speaker’s Presentations
  • Handling Media Interviews
  • Crisis Plan Development
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Crisis Exercising
  • Media and Crisis Communications
  • Integration of the Crisis Management Plan with Business Continuity and other plans
  • Command and Control Processes and Development
  • Crisis Toolkit
  • Crisis Leadership
  • Information Management
  • Crisis Centre Design